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Lighting Controller

Auto lighting system is one of the three key safety components of vehicles; it is the most important positive safety device and tends to be more and more intellectual.

Auto lighting control system is the intellectual control centre of vehicle lighting system, and an important part of body electronic control system. It controls the start-up and operation of car’s headlamp, automatically adjusts the direction of the light beam according to the chassis inclination (auto-leveling), and swivels the headlamp when the car turns around, to ensure it can provide the best lighting service for drivers in all kinds of road conditions.

The system mainly contains three parts: controller, sensor and actuator. The intellectual control part has HID (High Intensity Discharge) Xenon lamp control module, AFS(Adaptive Frontlighting System) control module, ALS (Auto Leveling System)control module, and power control module. The HID module controls the operation of Xenon lamp while the other three parts control the direction of the light.

Operation principle: controller receives the order and sensor’s signal, after processing complex logic and arithmetic it will have an expected output, then send it to actuator to adjust the system to expected status.


Fig.1 Auto Lighting Syst. Frame


Fig.2 AFS Exhibition

Fig.3 Auto Lighting Syst. Structure